We offer full leather re-covering service for the Technika III, IV, V and Master.  

Custom laser cut to order, perfect black leather properly installed with all retaining shims in place and all old adhesive completely removed.  

The grain pattern is virtually identical to original, it appears exactly like most coverings used originally.  

The Master Technika has several variations of original coverings through the decades, over time they begin to curl and shrink due to the adhesives and age.  If a couple pieces are damaged or missing, it may be possible to replace with spares, but if more than a couple need to be replaced, it is best to recover the entire camera.  There are differences in materials, grain and sheen of original leathers through the decades, so it's not always easy to match a couple of pieces missing.

It takes a lot skill, time and patience to recover a camera properly.  

We do not use junk cameraleather.com or Chinese junk leathers.

Recovering your camera produces a like new feeling and looks beautiful.  Contact us with your specific camera to recover.


(we do not use camera leather.com junk for our recovering and do not recommend their products)