We buy all models of Linhof Cameras in as-is condition.  

Our goal is to preserve these beautiful cameras for future generations to use for photography.

Whether the camera needs bellows replacement, a full service or is best used for parts.

Technika 4x5- III, IV, V and Master

Technika 6x9 - 2x3- III, IV and V

Technika 5x7 - III, IV and V models

Linhof Kardan Monorail Cameras- 

45, 45S, Color, Bi-Kardan, GT, ST-E, TE, TL, GTL and older Kardan Color 5x7 and 8x10 Models.

We also buy Linhof accessories and professional tripods. 

Please send us an email at info@LaflexCamera.com or call 310-905-9976 if you have a camera outfit you'd like to sell.