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A friend of Linhof Munich and official authorized service partner for the cameras, accessories and tripods.

We are located in beautiful Palm Desert, California within the El Paseo shopping district, we specialize in Linhof camera repairs and restorations.  

Many cameras have nowhere else they could be repaired due to parts availability and repair knowledge.   I have repaired every model of Linhof camera produced and have the original factory diagrams for all cameras, accessories and tripods.  

The repair shop is the entire building dedicated solely to restoration and repair of Linhof cameras. I maintain an extensive inventory of cameras, replacement parts, accessories and restoration projects.  

I use a great deal of precision and specialty equipment and purchased all of Marflex's tools after Martin passed from his wife Donna.  These are very special cameras and there is a precision and artistry to servicing a camera well, it is my true love and passion to help preserve these beautiful cameras.

We only repair Linhof cameras now, but in the past have serviced many different types of view cameras, from antiques to moderns like Cambo, Toyo, Sinar & all types of large format. We also repair mechanical Compur & Copal shutters with camera service.    

Linhof has produced the best large format cameras ever made.  We strive to provide the best repairs and restorations in the world, therefore have chosen to concentrate only on the best cameras, Linhof. 

My personal favorite models are Technika IV/V 4x5, Master Technika 4x5, Bi-Kardan, Master TL/GTL, Technika III/IV 6x9 and the Kardan Color cameras from the 1950s-1960s, these cameras are timeless and a pleasure to use.

In my spare time I repair and restore 1980s Mercedes Benz automobiles, specifically the w126 and w201 models, rebuilding complex mechanical and electrical systems to bring the sedans back to optimal condition.