Linhof Bi-Kardan 4x5 View Camera Excellent Condition Fully CLA Serviced

Linhof Bi-Kardan 4x5 View Camera Excellent Condition Fully CLA Serviced


Linhof Kardan Bi-Kardan 4x5 view camera in excellent used condition and fully functional, with an full Linhof CLA service just completed.   

This Bi-Kardan camera is in nice vintage condition with normal light wear as pictured.  Includes new original Linhof bellows. 

The Bi-Kardan features a full range of movements, geared focusing & shift movements with self tension stopping, it's light weight enough to take in the field and has great range of movements for studio use.  Folds up nicely to fit in a case or bag.  

This camera just received an extensive overhaul service, nothing was overlooked or left undone during the 12+ hours of bench service!

All movements, all locks, the graflok back and focusing mechanism were all serviced completely. 

All bearings were removed, fully cleaned, restacked and relubricated, all old lubrication was removed, properly cleaned and the camera now operates perfectly smooth.  

All locks are working properly, all tension was adjusted to be spot on, bubble level working properly.  The film and lens plane were realigned for perfect registration.  

Focus travel is perfect and smooth, swing/tilt/shift/rise/fall movements all CLA'd and perfectly smooth with correct amount of tension. 

The camera has original Linhof Ground Glass installed in good used condition. 

This camera represents a turn key, ready to shoot camera.  Most of the vintage Linhof cameras out there all need this extensive service to be functioning in optimal condition. 


Camera is ready for a new home and to be enjoyed again.  Full 12 month operational warranty covering all mechanics is included for new owner.   Shipping in included in the price.

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