Linhof Technar 4x5 Camera w/ 90mm f/5.6

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Linhof Technar 4x5 Camera w/ 90mm f/5.6


Coming Soon!  Send inquires with interest. 

Up for sale is a very rare to find Linhof Technar with 90mm f/5.6 Linhof select Schneider lens.  Less than 200 Linhof Technar's were ever produced, making it very difficult to locate one today.

This Technar is working perfectly, in good condition, with the later style helicoid focusing installed, nice and  smooth and just CLA serviced.  

The Compur #0 shutter was just fully CLAd and very accurate at all speeds.

 Includes Linhof anatomical grip, Linhof cable release, ground glass shade, Linhof QuickFix II tripod mounting plate and finder for 90mm.  

This Technar was converted to manual Linhof cable release, so no issues with the unreliable electronic solenoid shutter system.   It has the correct removable 90mm lens board with 90mm f/5.6 Schneider Linhof select lens.

 Other focal lengths could be used by mounting a Kardan to Technika lens board adapter, then using top hat extension style Technika boards with a mounted helicoid for desired focal length.

A very unique and difficult to obtain camera.  Available soon!

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